In 31 you don't need to switch through different pages of calendar information like most calendar apps force you. You just have one timeline and you can scroll infinitely through it.

Zoom in and out with a swipe to see more or less details. The view adapts and gives you always the best overview.
31 is fast. Forget endless tapping, swiping, scrolling to create an appointment. In 31 you need 70% less time to set a new appointment. You don't need to move through lots of different views to get to your goal. The result is a faster creation and edit process which makes calendar editing less time consuming.
31 is an alternative way of accessing and managing your appointments. If you want to use the default iOS sheduler - it's still there. You can use both, the standard scheduler application and 31 concurrently.

Using 31, you can adapt it to your needs. Colors, Calendar order, Date Format, Language - It's up to you.
Are you using iCloud to sync your appointments with your other devices? Everything you do in 31 will be automatically synced, too.

If you're using other calendar tools on your iPhone, everything you do in 31 will show up there and vice versa.

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